Who are M & S Financial Solutions Limited?

M & S Financial Solutions Limited is a Financial Services Firm primarily covering the South of England area but with a national client base. Our clients are a mixture of private individuals and companies who understand that by seeking our professional advice they can make the most from their money.  Our success has been based on three core principles; integrity, professionalism and impartiality, coupled with a creative approach to financial planning and a belief in a bespoke client service.

What do we do?
We offer a wide range of specialist services, including advice on investment, retirement, borrowing, protection and Inheritance Tax planning, including all types of pension schemes and employee benefits. Our focus is on both capital enhancement and capital protection.

We believe in providing a high quality service, with the emphasis on building long-term relationships with our clients and we have dedicated and skilled advisers that work with you to achieve this.


​How do we we do it?

The objective of the advice service that we provide is to put in place solutions to enable you to meet your financial goals and then regularly review the performance of those solutions to help you to remain on track. In order to achieve this, we follow the process set out below, which is broken down into six stages:


  1. Initial consultation

  2. Fact finding

  3. Research

  4. Report of recommendations

  5. Implementation: arranging solutions and related actions

  6. Ongoing review


 Paul went the extra mile and helped at every stage of the process, a true professional and sound person to work with and a great person to have on speed dial!

C. Beare, London